Written by Eddie Ferranti

071There is an old proverb that says “the third time’s a charm”. Well in the case of seeing Canadian cutie , Whitney Rose, what we witnessed was a charmingly good performance.  Rose was in the cozy confines of the acousticly clean Mucky Duck with a five piece band of talented musicians backing her recent release “Rule 62”.   Andrew Pacheco on bass, Chris Sensation beating the drums, Devan Jones on smooth rhythm/acoustic guitar, and blazing hot Mike Molnar on lead electric guitar.  Make no mistake about it though.  Whitney on vocals/acoustic guitar is in control and leaving room for these fine gents to let it rip all through the twenty plus song set.
The pint sized powder keg that is Whitney Rose is red hot right now.  Gracing the recent cover of Texas Magazine ( which is also red! ) and on the heels of a two month trek across Europe, the lady has a brand of music that is breathing life into old country classic music.  Hell the sound check was even worth being at as she just purred “sound check” over and over until it sounded right!  I still remember the first time I saw her here and she showed up in a southern plantation type dress which she complained was too hot.  Tonight she had a slick desperado get up on and again complained of heat.  I think it is just the burning performance she delivers!  Sipping from a whiskey glass she broke into “Three Minute Love Affair” off the newbie,  proclaiming that she is still standing on “Chivalry Is Dead” from her first album, and sweet version of “Lookin’ Back On Luckenbach”.
029Early on you can feel the traditional country groove being presented in a modern Americana vibe from a band that impresses beyond their ages.  Refreshing indeed.  WR started letting it loose on “Two More Bottles Of Wine”, foot stomping “The Devil Borrowed My Boots Last Night” about being a brat shunning any responsibility for it, and one her Grandmother turned her on to “Harper Valley PTA” which she wore like a glove.  Rose’s sassy ass bravado harks back to what Patsy Cline would be like today performing tunes expressing her views.  You can tell the girl has reaped the benefits of living in Austin. Her peachy keen lil lady persona speaks of a Texas vintage more than her native Canada roots!
Other goodies included “Analog”, “Arizona”, and great cover of Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man”. Snorting back to the band: “It’s time for some Haggard!” she tore into “The Bottle Let Me Down” like it was her own. The defining moment for this reviewer was when she just scorched the building with “Can’t Stop Shakin'” off “Rule 62”.  She pranced and shimmy shaked while Molnar shredded his guitar big time.  The song is about anxiety, but man is it anything but!  Just when you thought she had hit her high point of the gig she unfurled the Lesley Gore classic “You Don’t Own Me” with lyrics that are so true to life and meaningful now.  Her more than ample pipes brought goosebumps!  Whitney Rose handles the mike so well representing an era that needs to be preserved for generations to come.  A little country and a whole lot of good guitar playing makes for a fun time show.  Girl has corner stoned an era that needs to stay in the forefront of the Americana music scene.  Good for her………
Eddie “Edge” Ferranti

Senior Editor

Houston Music Review