Written by Dave Clements

It’s a Friday night in The Woodlands, TX and we are here to see Dave Matthews for the second time. I know I enjoyed him the last time he came through Texas and was hoping to build on my desire to become a fan, or should I say FAN?

Before I continue I must say that I was supposed to be at this same venue for the Bob Seger Farewell Concert just a couple weeks back however at the last minute was unable to attend because of a family emergency. As I understand it I missed a special night in The Woodlands. A major series of thunderstorms rolled through and gave the folks that came out a major light show and lots of wetness that preempted the start of Bob’s show until after 10 pm. Still, he played until after midnight and some friends of mine claim it is the best concert they had ever seen, bar none. I continue to be saddened by the fact we were not there to experience the special night Mother Nature provided. I guess it is time to Turn The Page, wish him well in retirement and move on the DMB.

I was thinking that after this show I might start calling myself a DMB FAN. Then I started talking to this couple from San Antonio who drove in for the show.  The husband had been to over 70 performances!  He knew all of the band members names, when they joined Dave and what each would likely do during the course of the show.  More impressively he said that it was likely that some of this sold out crowd had likely attended over a 100 shows. For better or worse, depending on your point of view, I totally get it.  And I guess I will not likely make it to FAN status. I will however continue to enjoy the bands’ unique energy and sound.

I had the opportunity this night to photograph Dave during his first three songs: So Much To Say, Anyone Seen The Bridge and Too Much. I knew that Dave had hit the mark with those three choices as there was as much singing coming from behind and all around me as there was from the stage.  I love the bands beautiful improv style of playing.  Makes me wonder how different a show like Dave’s is from one night to the next.  Whatever the case, they are just all excellent musicians and whatever they do is going to be immensely entertaining night after night.

With camera in hand , show underway, I ran into some old friends, Nicole and Ryan. Both were looking really good and happy to be at the show. They also just happened to have the best seats in the house on the front rail.  They sure seemed like they were loving the show and were especially pleased that Dave chose to play some of his old stuff!  I know that the entire audience had to be happy with his choice of All Along The Watch Tower (a Bob Dylan cover that was made iconic by Jimmy Hendrix before most DMB Fans were born!) as his encore.

Before closing I’d like to mention that in late April of the last year, brother Dave and his bandmates headlined at a brand new festival in my home town of Virginia Beach, VA, just a few hours down Interstate 64 from the birthplace of the Dave Matthews Band, Charlottesville, VA. The festival is called Something In The Water. It is the brainchild of Pharrell Williams and although I didn’t make it this year, I have heard by all sources that it was an amazing event.  I am going to do my damnedest to be there next April … and hope you will as well.

Please continue to support live music every chance you have. It’s good for the soul and keeps many starving artists off the street!